Machine Learning And Automation


男女黄段视频高清What is a TAP (Tanjo Animated Persona)? Imagine if you had a way toanimate your customer segments and buyer personas. See in real time whatthey are interested in, what they are reading, and wherethey are spending their time. That is exactly what TAP (Tanjo AnimatedPersona) provides to you on a daily basis.

男女黄段视频高清TAP ( ANIMATED PERSONAS) is ideal for market researchers andproduct designers whose job it is to fully understand who theircustomers targets are and what appeals to them. Today‚Äôs tools forqualitative research around customer segments are limited because theyprovide static data at a specific point in time. Spread customer empathythroughout your organization daily with TAPs.


Ideal for industries that are ripe for disruption due to new technologies,and for companies that are growing to become a leader in their respectiveindustries. In order to lead, you and your employees must understand whatnew technologies are and how you can leverage them to create competitiveadvantages within your competitive set.

Our workshops are conducted for either a half day or full day and customizedto fit your industry and any specific challenges you may be having. It isled by our CEO Richard Boyd, who is an expert of 20+ years in the areasof artificial intelligence, virtual reality, data analytics, and machinelearning. You can invite as many people from your organization as you wouldlike to learn how you can harness the power of new technologies to createa competitive advantage for your company.


With Tanjo's Enterprise Brain, everyone in your organization has what theyneed at the tip of their fingers, and any new knowledge created isautomatically organized.

Never again have two groups working on the same problem, without knowingit, and without collaborating. In real-time, Tanjo's Enterprise Brain can alertusers about new information available.

Or do you have a project in mind? We will be happy to do a consultativemeeting with you to discuss viability and next steps.