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Start-ups Pivot On Marketing

Amplify your brand. Grow your business. Create greater customer value. Without breaking the bank. Curious to know how? Scroll down.

1. Achieve

Product Market Fit

The holy grail of marketing. Bad product + good marketing is nothing to write home about.

2. Build

A Personal Brand

For we all choose to deal with brands and people that we like; those who compliment us and join our journey towards a common goal.

3. Craft

Compelling Stories

For stories cut through the clutter. Change minds. And, win hearts. For stories produce that angel’s cocktail of oxytocin, dopamine, and endorphin.

4. Enange

Like it Truly Matters

For your success can only be an unintended outcome of solving someone’s problem.

My Story?

After living the dream for two decades

Oddly, the more I aimed at success, the more I was moving away from what I wanted. So I quit my job & dedicated myself to a greater cause. Want to know my story? Scroll down…

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