试看30秒做受小视频My name is Alex and I am the owner of Haus Proud, a shop on Etsy. I live in Sunny So Cal with my husband, two daughters, and a few too many animals in a house that still needs a lot of work.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Winnie the Pooch

Hank was never what you would call a classically good dog.  Or even remotely good, for that matter.  He was, in fact, downright naughty.  He barked and he chewed.  I watched the Dog Whisperer for years, noting all my shortcomings as a dog owner and making mental notes of what to do next time around (after all you couldn’t teach an old dog new tricks and Hank had started to mellow into an old man).

Before Hank died I swore I wouldn’t get another dog.  Why would anyone want the extra responsibility, work and aggravation?  But 16 years of having a constant companion left an empty feeling in the house.  I was trolling the shelters before weeks end. 

And there she was.  A dachshund mix with those deep, brown puppy dog eyes that just melt you.  MELT.  I fell pretty hard for her, but decided to watch her behavior with the other dogs and people that came by to make sure she would be a good companion.  She was still a puppy, but she had a mellowness to her.  She didn’t bark as the other dogs went by her cage.  She was perfect.  I was proud of myself.  I felt Cesar Millan would’ve been proud of me too. 

We couldn’t bring her home right away due to her necessary spay surgery, so I came home and readied the house and myself for the new addition.  I pored over Cesar’s instructions for introducing the dog to their new home and establishing yourself as the pack leader.  The first thing he said was not to get a dog while you were still grieving, that dogs could sense that.  A week, I reasoned, was plenty of time.

There were a series of other things you were to do to establish your dominance from the get go.  The walk.  You weren’t supposed to bring the dog directly in the house, but rather, take a long walk first.  That was followed by a defining moment at the front door.  The entrance is of the utmost importance.  You must enter first.  Only when the dog is submissive and exhibiting the right energy do you invite them into the home.  Then you feed them.  I had this.

Pick up day came.  I had indoctrinated the kids into the No Touch, No Talk, No Eye Contact methodology.  The were wary but would’ve gone along with anything in order to get a puppy.  My cat had a tooth infection that had rapidly gotten worse and moved into her eye.  I thought, lets kill two birds with one stone.  I will make an appointment for her at the same vet we are picking up the pooch at.. 

Turns out it was cancer. 

We were recommended to put her down.  I struggled with the decision but ultimately felt it was the humane thing to do,  I was sobbing uncontrollably, both girls witnessing my breakdown.  It was then that they announced that our dog was ready to go home.  I scoffed as I realized I was picking up this new member while actively grieving my brains out.  I felt Cesar’s disapproval at the situation but reckoned I could bounce back from this one minor infraction if I was really diligent about the rest of the sequence.

That’s when they came out carrying my dog like a baby, informing me that she was unable to walk from her surgery and anesthesia.  Oh, and I shouldn’t feed her until morning.  All my Cesar training was flying out the window!  No walk? No food?  I clutched to the front door as the last straw to grasp at.  I would do that part to perfection.  It would make up for everything else that had gone terribly wrong. 

I packed up my dead cat and headed home with a new puppy. 

We came to the front door.  I placed her on the welcome mat.  We all walked into the house.  She sat calmly.  I invited her in.  She didn’t come.  I more enthusiastically invited her in.  She refused to budge.  I cajoled.  I touched, talked AND made eye contact.  I pleaded.  But she sat, unmoving on the stoop.  I finally walked outside, scooped up the dog and carried her over the threshold like the submissive bitch that I am.  I am certain that I let Cesar down.  The dog barks, chews and is naughty as can be.  I did it wrong again.  God willing, I’ll get another shot to make a first impression in another 16 years.

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Urban Assault Vehicle

Four or five years ago, I dragged Ryan out to look at a trailer with me.  I had decided that we would buy a vintage trailer and fix it up.  We would work on it together, fall even more madly in as we fixed it up side by side, and then take fun, family camping trips every free weekend we had.  We looked at this particular trailer and it was rough.  Ryan did not seem interested at all, but I persisted, sticking my head into every nook and cranny and asking how it got each dent on the exterior.  We stepped out of the trailer and I saw his eyes light up.  "Is that for sale?", he asked, motioning to an RV in the yard.  Next thing I knew we were standing inside the GMC motorhome getting a history lesson about the owners  "baby" and how he wouldn't sell it for less than 20k.  That was such a shocking amount of money at that time.  Especially since we were there to look at their $400 trailer.

When we got home, Ryan showed me picture after picture of GMC motorhomes on the internet.  He explained that he had loved them ever since the movie Stripes.  I laughed it off.  After all, I was after a canned ham.  Not that 70's behemoth.   

A few months later I bought and brought home a 50's canned ham, prime for a restoration, with enough original details to make it a charmer.  I couldn't wait for us to get to work.  We never did.  It languished.  He wanted to update the interior and make it modern.  I wanted to preserve the linoleum and and finish it to the exact original standards.  It sat untouched save for the girls playing the occasional game of house in it.

A few weeks ago, while browsing listings for vintage trailers, I came across a GMC Motorhome for $1000.  It hadn't run in years and was rough, but I was intrigued.  It was cooler than I had remembered it.  I liked the giant windows.  It sparked something in me.  I tried to buy it, but it sold before I could get a mechanic to agree to see it with me.  Something had been awakened, though.  I now wanted a GMC motorhome.  I scoured the internet looking at ads, forums, manuals, brochures, pictures and anything else I could find.  

Finally, through the GMC forum, I found the perfect coach for sale.  Mechanically sound, with a chance to do some cosmetic upgrading on the interior.  

We leave Sunday morning for Awahnee, CA to meet Frank and Freddie (already love them) and buy the '76 GMC Eleganza.  Lucky for us, the price has come down considerably since our first encounter.

Now for a name...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Not So Neutral Curtains

I'm looking for new drapery panels for my bedroom.  Turns out 95% of the designs on the market are neutral.  Think white, off-white, beige, tan, taupe, and cream.  I want something with a bit more punch since the drapes will cover the entire back wall to disguise two oddly different windows.  I rounded up a few that don't disappear on the wall.

I want these but these ones from West Elm but they appear to be sold out.
Sunny and happy set from Anthropologie.

How fun are these ones from Z Gallerie?

This pair from Crate and Barrel would be amazing against a gray wall.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Have You Met Eloise?

She is two and some change.  She is still the newest member of the Haus Proud team and by far the most disruptive.  I blame the long stretches of inactivity in the shop solely on her.  Okay, and the co-op preschool Adelaide and I joined last year.

Adelaide is five now but when she was little, she would accompany me estate sale-ing, thrifting and anywhere else I dragged her.  She was happy so long as she was being held and I was able to do a little one handed shopping.  Eloise is a different story.  She wants to be put down, unless I want to put her down.  She wants to pick up anything she deems breakable and then test that theory.  She wants to scream and cry until I (and the people around us) can take it no more.

The estate sale ladies all knew Adelaide.  They would call her Shirley Temple and she would coyly smile at them from behind my leg, twirling her adorable ringlets.  Ellie's estate sale shopping was a different story.  She charmed them all right.  That kid has a smile that melts hearts!  And then she proceeded to pull everything down off the tables and threw a tantrum when I intervened.  I am fairly certain we are no longer welcome at their sales.

I am sad that Eloise and Haus Proud don't get along as well as I would like.  I just have to remind myself that while both are only a few years old, Haus Proud will always need me.  I only get a short time of being the most important thing in Ellie's world.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Happy Customer!

A customer of mine recently blogged about her purchase from Haus Proud.  I love this kind of feedback!  It makes all the hours of digging though junk for the diamonds worth it!

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Peek Inside Haus Proud HQ

Last week when I was staging I realized the only thing that would work in this one nook was a mirror that was back at Haus Proud headquarters. I dragged my client back to see if there was anything we wanted to pilfer from the shop. She took a good long look around and said "boy, I would love to organize all this stuff". Not exactly the image I was hoping to portray. But to be fair, I usually conduct my business online. Anyway, it spurred a cleaning jag. I've only tackled a small corner, but thought I would share some photos.

I have always wondered how other vintage sellers keep their merchandise and would love a peek into their worlds. Figured I would be brave and share mine. You can see more pics here:

And, yes, most of the stuff is not yet listed! If anyone wants to come and babysit the girls, I will get right on listing new items in the shop.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Haus Proud Does Haus Staging

About a month ago I got a call from a friend of mine, Lauren. She was just at a mutual friends house and loved the styling I had done for her. She is a realtor and was looking to have a house staged for a client. She already had a lot of the bigger pieces, but needed small stuff to fill in. Since I could probably fill several small houses with the amount of stuff I have floating around here, I said yes! Combining my first love of interior design with great vintage goodness with a splash of real estate? Yeah, kinda up my alley. It was a crazy long day, but the results were well worth it.

It certainly didn't hurt that the homeowners did a fantastic remodel.I am wild about that blue painted concrete floor!