SASSY Swem Mug Pledge

The Purpose of the Pledge

Posted in Uncategorized by scilib on the November 19, 2014

The College of William and Mary Committee on Sustainability has granted funds to purchase 500 AWESOME ceramic reusable mugs for our students and staff to use at Aromas Abridged in Swem Library and other coffee locals on campus.

If you are going to take a mug, you must sign the pledge and use the mug instead of disposable coffee cups whenever you buy coffee.

We estimate that by giving away 500 free mugs we can help keep 250 cups,sleeves and lids out of the landfill EVERY DAY! ?This is only possible if YOU use your mug.

Take the pledge, get a mug, stop the flow of trash, our planet is not disposable!

The mugs will be distributed and pledges will be signed in Swem on 1 December 2014.


Sponsored by the Committee on Sustainability

Sponsored by the Committee on Sustainability