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lunedì 26 marzo 2012

New Website!

Thank you for visiting our website! 

We've recently moved so please visit ournew website and update your bookmarks! 

You may also visit ourold website, but it will no longer be updated.

giovedì 30 luglio 2009

Top Business-to-Business B2B Marketplaces in the World

Top Business-to-Business B2B Marketplaces in the World

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TradeKey.com was established in 2006 with the aim to facilitate global trade and bring buyers and sellers from all around the world to one common platform.

With a capital investment of US $20 Million - TradeKey.com is world's leading marketplace which connects traders with worldwide wholesalers, buyers, importers & exporters, manufacturers and distributors in over 220 countries, quickly and cost effectively.

TradeKey.com is world's first B2B marketplace that earned ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 27001 Information Security System certifications to ensure maximum customer satisfaction, security and safe online trading for users.

TradeKey.com welcomes over 8.5 Million visitors with over 32 Million PageViews without fail every single month. These numbers corroborate with the veracity of the claim that TradeKey.com can give an extraordinary exposure to traders in the global market.

TradeKey.com takes pride in announcing that TradeKey.com has highly professional and dedicated customer support representatives who are readily available to resolve the concerns and worries of all TradeKey.com members.

Grow your business at a rapid pace with the expert assistance of TradeKey.com.

venerdì 3 ottobre 2008


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