Difficult Chair

中国黄页最好的网站April 12, 2006

中国黄页最好的网站This old A&J is a favorite of mine. It is, by the standard of Charles Schulz, a true comic strip: that is, the joke cannot be understood without the drawing. Perhaps ol’ Sparky was being self-effacing and a bit rigid, but I’m sure I know why he held that position. The writing in Peanuts, the clever repartee among the ensemble cast, was the breakout element within the young strip, gaining the world’s attention. Peanuts was considered cerebral and psychologically complex compared to, let us say, Skippy. I know for a fact that after sealing this reputation, Schulz received a lot of personal satisfaction by returning to his medium’s roots and simply drawing “a funny picture.” As a cartoonist whose writing carried his comic strip through the early years and beyond, I certainly can relate.