yy6090青苹果手机理论免费Welcome to Northern Arizona University's Web Server "Jan", a LINUXmachine for faculty and staff. NAU is a comprehensive public university emphasizing undergraduate education, and is one of the three campusesof the Arizona University system.

About Jan

yy6090青苹果手机理论免费Jan is currently running ona virtualized Red Hat Enterprise Linux server. It is maintained bythe ARSA group at Northern Arizona University's InformationTechnology Services department.

Jan's mission is to provideindividual and departmental web space for NAU's staff and faculty in a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) open source Webstack development environment. We currently offer 1 GB starting disk quotas.

Jan Web Development Services

  • Apache 2 HTTP services
  • Cgi-bin and general programming tools including:
    • PHP5
    • Python
    • Perl
    • Java
    • C
    • C++
    • Fortran
  • Audio and video streaming
    • RealAudio,Flash
  • Database support client and connector support:
    • MySQL client and connector support
    • Oracle Client and connector support
    • Access via SSH/SCP/SFTP/SMB

Personal Web Sites

To request webspace on Jan you must be a current staff or faculty member at NAU and should already have an NAU-domain account.Submit a ServiceNow ticket and include any pertinent information you have and the ITS Solution Center will contact you to discuss the available options.

NAU Department or Organizations

If an NAU Department or Organization needs web hosting, have the Faculty or Staff responsible submit a ServiceNow ticket. Include any pertinent information you have and the ITS Solution Center will contact you to discuss the available options.

Policy Notice

Network Acceptable Use Policy For Faculty/Staff should be reviewed before you publish any content to your website to keep yourself and the university protected. This policy contains information regarding using the universities computers or network resources for harassing or intimidating others, legitimate academic or administrative purposes, copyrights and intellectual-property rights, the appropriate use of data and much more.

For other ITS services and server environments, please see the main ITS Web Hosting page.


Send comments to: to: webmaster@jan.ucc.nau.edu

Last update: 2015-June-08
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