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The L.C. Smith shotgun is an American classic and isunquestionablyone of the finest shotguns ever made.  The L.C. Smith Collectors Association wasformed to (1) stimulate and educate members and the public in their knowledgeof thehistory and production of the L.C. Smith shotgun, (2) encourage thevalue of goodsportsmanship to shooter and collector members and the public,(3) promote a positive,responsible use of firearms to members and the public,and (4) encourage creation of anL.C. Smith museum.

The L.C. Smith Collectors Association provides this websitetomembers and nonmembers.  However, weencourage you to become aMember to be able to enjoythe L.C. SmithJournal and all of the other benefits associated with membership.

We believe that you will enjoy exploring this website tolearn moreabout the rich history and many grades of the L.C. Smith shotgun. Itwill be especiallyvaluable if you are searching for information about the L.C.Smith you inherited fromyour grandfather, the one you have been shooting formany years, or the one you havejust acquired or are thinking aboutpurchasing.  MEMBERS ONLY:  One of thebenefits ofmembership in the L.C. Smith Collectors Association is that you may requestbasic information (such as barrel length or options) about a shotgun. If you area MEMBER, you may email the serial number and questions to
Jim Stubbendieck. If you are not a member of the L.C. Smith Collectors Association, you have request a research letter.

To obtain all of the existing information about your shotgun,the Research Division of the L.C. Smith Collectors Association can search thefactory production records and can provide this information in a letter. Ordera research letter by completing a form and sending a check ($50 for members, $75 for others). The new Blue Book of Gun Values coming out this year specifies that a research letter adds an additional $100 to the value of any L.C. Smith.

Please let us know if you have any problems navigatingthrough thissite or if you have suggestions for additions or improvements.

Bill Ruth, Webmaster

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