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Monday, June 1, 2020

The Light of Empathy

Illuminated Living

The Good Shepherd has a masterful way of leading his sheep to safety.  The Good Shepherd also laid down his life so that we could have life more abundantly.  During this time of increased turbulence we cannot neglect to lean in to the characteristics of Christ. If we are indeed born again and made in his image we have to reflect the light of the divine. 
One of the ways we let our heart light shine is through empathy.

Got Questions? Empathy

Miami Dolphins coach Brian Flores says ‘honesty, transparency and empathy go a long way in making change’
Motivational Minute
While some people are naturally more empathetic, there are exercises that anyone can do to improve.
Tips via @NYTimes “How To Be More Empathic
  • Talk To New People
  • Join Forces for a Shared Cause
  • Admit You're Biased
  • Check Your Privilege
  • Stand Up for Others
  • Amplify Other Voices
  • Read Books
Remember that you don’t need to understand everything about someone to make them feel respected.
Let’s Talk About Empathy
Z?CALO PUBLIC SQUARE explores the topic of “Empathy” with an array of articles that examines both sides the good and ills.
Look For The Helpers
Roots of Empathy is an international organization that offers empathy based programs for children, with research to prove impact. It is a leader in the empathy movement.
Biblical Meditation
Galatians 6:2
Bear one another’s burdens, and thereby fulfill the law of Christ
Daily Affirmation 
Today, I feel what I feel and continue to "Speak Love".
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