Monday, November 28, 2011

The Mall Flea Market

Its been a while since I update my Flea Market list. They're few Flea Market in KL that I have not share in my blog before, one of them is The Mall Flea Market. The Mall is a shopping mall beside PWTC (Putra World Trade Center). I had been receiving information about this flea market for almost a year. The last time I go check this Flea market, I don't find anyone selling coins or banknotes. After a failed coin hunting trip today at Sasana Kijang, I go for lunch in the Mall. On the way back to car park, I found Mr Ng from Summit USJ Flea Market. he don't remember me but his printed Malaysia Banknote sheet will make me remember him forever.
The Mall Flea Market

Mr. Ng told me, it has been a year since he change his location to The Mall. Last time the flea market only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. They start to open everyday since the last 2 months. The Flea market start a bit late, around 11 am and they're only around 3 sellers who sale coin and banknote. Most of the Sellers in here sell cloth and women accessories. If you had been to Amcorp Mall Flea Market, don't put your expectation too high on this one. I maybe come in there a bit early, most of the sellers still arranging their item for display.

Its not that hard to find the mall Kuala Lumpur, If you're driving, try find Jalan Sultan Ismail signboard and head to PWTC, the mall is beside PWTC. If you're using Star LRT, you can stop at stesen LRT PWTC station. If you're using KTM Komuter, you need to stop at Putra KTM Komuter station. Most people will be heading to The Mall, you can follow them or ask anyone for direction. Its just around 150 meters walk from both the stations to the Mall. The flea market is on the lower ground (LG) level.

Beside Uncle NG, there is another uncle who also selling coins and banknotes. He a little bit shy and I only get to take his picture once. He told me he once open a shop at Jalan Maharajalela. I seen him before some where but don't remember where. His collection is a little bit more then what Uncle Ng have but most of them is in circulated condition. If you're looking for Malaysia Parliament coin series to complete your collection, you can try find him. I am not sure if he got any good collection for sale since he is busy and I don't want to disturb him. Just look at some of the collection he have for sale.

18 December MNS Auction 150

For everyone who has been asking when the next Malaysia Numismatic Society Auction (MNS) at Muzium Negara will be held, it will be held on 18 December 2011. It will be MNS Auction Number 150 and the last auction for this year.  The Auction normally will be held at Jabatan Muzium Malaysia, Muzium Negara, Jalan Petalawati, 50480 Kuala Lumpur. There is a small hall in there where this auction normally held by MNS. The auction normally start at 10.00am and viewing of the lots will start at 9.30am on the same day. As always, I advise you to come early around 8.30am since they're bourse table open for public to buy coins and banknotes.

MNS Auction 150

There will be Bourse Tables available at RM 50.00 per table.Members interested,please book your tables with payments to Mr Tan Tai Seng (03-79835011) at least one week before the auction.

This auction only for members of MNS only. You can read about their membership in here: Malaysia Numismatic Society membership. Entrance fee for ordinary member is RM20.00 and RM40.00 for annual subscription fee. Their coin auction is for member only. Any numismatist over 12 years but below the age of 18 and resident in Malaysia may apply to be a Junior Member. The Entrance Fee for Junior Members is RM5.00 and Annual Subscription is RM15.00. Kindly download the Application Form and send it to the Society either via post, fax or e-mail for approval.

I am not a MNS member and don't asked me why I don't became a member. For info, news and pictures of the MNS auction, you can go to Dickson Niew blog; Niewmismatic error coin. He is a MNS committee member and he normally post about the item that will be on auction. The last time I go at their auction, MNS Auction 149, not so many members join their auction. You might get something valuable for less price.

Celebrate your Christmas at SM City Batangas' Winter Wonderland!

This year, SM City Batangas offers a magnificent playground covered with white crystal snow flakes and built at the center was Santa Claus’ red house that was covered with snow for its center piece. The centerpiece created a fun-filled experience with your favorite characters from the North Pole namely, the famous all-time favorite Santa Claus and his reindeers, the friendly snowmen and huggable bears, all enthralled to party with us at our very own Winter Wonderland in Batangas!  

Using their colorful parachute and buddy reindeers, the mini Santas all over the world arrived from the roof top of SM City Batangas for an extra special surprise for everyone in the Winter Wonderland.
With the fun and joy of Christmas right around the corner, even grownups would love to have their photos taken with the giant arch filled with red and silver Christmas balls, with crystals embellished around shiny Christmas lights and silky red ribbons.  The attraction that completes our Winter Wonderland is the Christmas tree of lights.

This Christmas, let our mini Santas make your wishes come true. So come join us and have a Merry Christmas at our Winter Wonderland only at SM City Batangas!

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