Thursday, March 6, 2008

1239. This tool was used for champhering the head of a barrel so that it would hold in the groove around the top.

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1240. A Coyle Voting Machine, the first voting machine to turn a punch card into a ballot, patent number 3,214,092.

1241.A kitchen tool that is used similar to a fork when carving a large roast or ham.

1242. A woodworker's pocket hole jig, some good examples of how it's used can be seen here.

1243a. These were placed onto the head of a calf when they wanted it to stop nursing on the cow, the cow would get poked by the spikes and push the calf away, patent number 1,882,232.An easier solution would be to put them in separate pens, but apparently that wasn't always an option.

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Other versions of the same device:

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1243e. Muzzle type:

1244. These are probably shims for an automobile, similar to the caliper anti-rattle shims seen here:

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Both sides look the same:

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