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Why buy IT products? - Business, Education, Entertainment, Research, Interest, Statues, Functionality,

BICT Solutions advices all who are shopping to buy brand new products with manufacturer warranty. The list below is not conclusive


Whether you need affordable, flexible home computing, a multimedia powerhouse or

a PC that delivers the best entertainment features, there are desktop PCs available to

fit your personal computing style.


PC cards (Network, Sound, Graphics, etc) Sound systems (2.1, 5.1, 7.1, ), Digital Cameras, MP4s, MP3s, modems, switches, routers, Memory cards, Motherboards, Processors, cases, Power supply, Displays

A company with a free email address for business purposes projects an image of not being serious and makes the recipient of email doubtful as to the authenticity of the company and if you set up a web site without owning your own domain name, you end up using the domain name of your web host by default, which is not mobile; you can't take it with you if you ever switch to another web host. Annual Domain registration .co.ke is $ 55/= .com is $ 10/=

“If BICT Solutions doesn't get a product for you, Its probably not available locally.”


Hardware/Software sales and installation (Price varies with product)

Playing continues joined hip hop or gospel music in a function $125/=

Renting public address systems from $375/= DJ from $250/=

Web design, publishing and advertising online via email.

Annual Domain registration .co.ke is $ 55/= .com is $ 10/=

Printing Kshs. 5/= or 10/= per page,

Business Cards from 36 pieces at Kshs. 110/= ,(Higher quantities are available)

Videos Seasons and series Kshs.50/= per DVD,

Photocopy Kshs.2/= per page (bulk only),

Typing Kshs.20/= per page (bulk only)

Office and other refresher courses charged as per sub

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If you are looking for someone, intend or need to:

· repair and maintain the smooth running of your IT equipment and systems thus increasing throughput, extending life span, eliminating the need of a large expensive in-house IT staff, etc. Course reference: Comptia A+ & N+ Certification (Cyber networks 2001), Enterprise Networking, Business Systems Design, Computer Technology, etc

· skillfully and successfully manage an organization to achieve its objectives . Course reference: Business organization, Business Communication, Business & Internet System Management etc

· carry out a vast amount of research to gain information/knowledge that will assist in decision making, entertain, educate, or if one simply needs advice compiled from several sources etc. Course reference: vary as per the requirements; web is a key research tool, European/International Computer driving license (Institute Of Advanced Technology 2000).

· set up and manage PCs and multi vendor, multi platform enterprise wired or wireless network design which will allow effective communication, exchange of data, etc . Course reference: Enterprise Networking, Microsoft System Engineering (MCSE), Information Security, Cisco routing, Network+, Linux Administration, etc

· provide novice to expert user training. Education has a wide base of advantages to all. Course reference: Vary as per the training required.

· not only create, store, retrieve, update, backup, critical organization data but also to use data mining to extract key information in order to assist in making key decisions. Course reference: Database Design, SQL, etc

· develop software, customize systems, to meet user needs thus providing a more productive environment by for example cutting down running time. Course reference: Programming, Database Design, Project Management, System Development, Programming Methods etc

· configure web servers, domains, engage in web commerce (marketing, sales, advertising), Web development (taking into account the content of the site, its usability, appearance and its visibility online) thus increase sales and income. Course reference: Develop a web site, ecommerce, Information Security, Internet System Administration, Computer Technology etc

· begin and bring a large project to a successful completion before or on schedule while collaborating with or managing others committed to achieve set corporate objectives. Course reference: Information Technology Project and Quality Management, Business Systems Analysis, Business & Information System Management etc

· perform business strategic planning that includes financing, budgets, reports, etc in order to achieve economic objectives, cut down costs, generate revenue, enhance processes, improve service, saved time, solve problems Course reference: Computerized accounting, Business Management etc

· perform Computer Forensic Analysis in order to piece together evidence. Course reference: Computer forensics and investigations etc

· source a variety of IT equipment from local or international market$. Course reference: Business, commerce, personal contacts and experience etc

· entertain, set up a public address sound system, video conversions e.g. from tape to DVD, etc. IT equipment does play music (for parties/weddings/functions/), video capture, gaming devices (for all ages) such as play station, intellectually stimulating literature such as magazines and books of interest, etc. This assists in relaxation, creativity, laughter, unity, social human nature, informing public, video pass information better than text, holding seminars, lectures, Course reference: akrew group of DJs, my IT mixing skills, etc

· improve standards and uplift/liven the environment with charisma, charm and resolve conflicts. . Course reference: Business Communication, Business organization, Internet humour, my personality, System analyst skills etc

and/or other business or ICT operations then, why not consider consulting me in order to invest this and other good qualities into your organization that will not only appreciate but also mutually benefit from my impeccable contribution.

Current offer on Micro SD memory chips, for phones, cameras, USB modems, palm tops etc 2 GB Kshs 400/=, 4 GB Kshs 800/=, 8GB Kshs 1000/= can also be used as flash drives to store music, documents, videos, programs, tasks, etc

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Below is a What Laptop buyers guide one can use to assist in deciding the right fit PC/Laptop for them.









200 – 350

Intel Atom 1.6GHz /

AMD Vision E Series


160 GB

Integrated graphics




250 – 400

Intel Celeron/

Intel Pentium/

AMD Athlon


250 GB

Intel GMA/

ATi Radeon 4250




300 – 500

Intel Core i3/

AMD Vision A4


500 GB

Intel HD graphics/

nVidia GeForce




500 – 700

Intel Core i5/

AMD Vision A6


750 GB

nVidia GeForce 3000+ /

Ati Radeon 5000+






700 – 2000

Intel Core i7/

AMD Vision A8


1 TB

Dual GeForce GTX cards /

Dual ATi Radeon 6000+

Blu-ray rewritable

Table above courtesy of What Laptop buyers guide

Desktop PCs. Laptop PCs.PC Games.

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